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Monday, October 17, 2011

HIGH LIFE (10-17-11)

Run DMT "Richard"
 High Places "Morning Ritual"
 Total Control "See More Grass"
 Terrestrial Tones "Danny's Villain"
 Idiot Glee "All Packed Up"
 Amen Dunes "Lower Mind"
 Maria Minerva "Once Upon"
 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "The Drummer"
 John Maus "Do Your Best"
 Blackout Beach "Cloud of Evil"
 High Places "SONORA"
 Deerhoof "Milking"
 Peaking Lights "Birds of Paradise (Dub Version)"
 Run DMT "Cash For Gold"
 39 Clocks "Dom"
 Maria Minerva "Honey Honey"
 Nick Nicely "Treeline"
 Free Design "Kites Are Fun"
 Silver Apples "Program"
 Total Control "One More Tonight"
 Swell Maps "The Helicopter Spies"
 Mother of Fire "Ghost Of The Manzanita"
 Doldrums "I'm Homesick Sittin Up Here In My Satellite"
 Inc. "Heart Crimes"
 Maria Minerva "Laulan Paikse Kaes"
 Gang Gang Dance "Nomad for Love"
 High Places "Sophia"
 Niew Hip Stilen "No. 2"
 Pigeons "Tournoi"
 Run DMT "Dreaming"
 Excepter "Bridge Traffic"

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