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Monday, September 26, 2011

HIGH LIFE (9-26-11)

I (Tom) have a regular radio show on KBGA, a community station out here in Missoula.  It's 89.9 FM if you're near the city limits but that website I linked to can provide you with a way to stream it.  It's called "High Life" and it runs from 9-11am Mountain Time.

I'm gonna start getting mp3s together of the show but here's what I ended up playing below:

 La Dusseldorf "Cha Cha 2000"
 Peaking Lights "Birds of Paradise (Dub Version)"
 HTRK "Slo Glo"
 Hype Williams "The Throning"
 Brute Heart "HUNTER"
 Sun Araw "Lucretius"
 Broadcast & The Focus Group ""I See, So I See So""
 Idiot Glee "Let's Get Down Together"
 HTRK "Ice Eyes Isis"
 Franco Battiato "Una Cellula"
 Inc. "Millionairess"
 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Gray Sunset"
 Brute Heart "SERPENTINE"
 Kraftwerk "Ruckzuck (1970)"
 This Heat "Paper Hats"
 The Pop Group "Snowgirl"
 Chrisma "Aurora B"
 United States of America "Stranded In Time"
 Black Dice "Smiling Off"
 Sun Araw "At Delphi"
 Mandy More "If Not By Fire"
 John Cale & Terry Riley "The Soul of Patrick Lee"
 Jorge Ben "Errare Humanun Est"
 Nick Nicely "On the Beach - the Ladder Descends"
 Virgin Insanity "BE MY FRIEND"
 Mogwai "Get to France"
 Walter Steding & The Dragon People "New Day"
 Wire "A Mutual Friend"
 Julee Cruise "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart"

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